The Illumifier Program for Executive Leaders

Leadership demands a lot more than just a big title. Thankfully, our C-suite clients get this.

The Illumifier Program For Executive Leaders ®

The unique evidence-based program that empowers executive leaders to ignite their leadership, and fulfil their promise and potential.

When It Comes To Leadership, Your Big, Important Title Can Be Little More Than An Empty Promise.

Don’t count on your title alone to convey your leadership. It won’t. In fact, it can set you up for failure because it carries such high expectations from others. The simple truth is that they recognize leadership when they hear it and see it. And when they don’t. So they listen to what you say and watch what you do, close up and from afar. And wait... If they find no signs of leadership, their trust in you erodes. They disengage, disappointed once again by dashed hopes of leadership promise and potential. Leadership extinguished comes at huge cost. Damaged reputations. Failed initiatives. Lost opportunities. Never realized visions of change. It doesn’t have to be. We’ve distilled leadership to its essence, and created a fail-proof system that empowers you to embody it in what you say and do. Deliberately, easily and efficiently, with no added burden of time or effort. It ignites your leadership so you can ignite change and fulfil your leadership promise and potential. You're sure to achieve all that's conferred on that big title of yours.

Founder & Chief Illumifier Illumify Inc.

Express and ignite change.

You're already very successful. What difference would this make?

The most valuable learning since I completed my MBA.

Ann Bowman, Vice Chai rman, RBC Wealth Management, Royal Bank of Canada

Express your leadership initiative in the way that makes it so meaningful to others that they're willing, ready and raring, to help you achieve it. Sound distinct from the "same old, same old" leadership rhetoric full of the banalities and platitudes that provoke others to tune out and disengage. Know exactly how to express leadership so you can use it to your full advantage at every opportunity. Trust in your certainty to optimize every leadership opportunity by invoking the exact aligned response that advances and accelerates your initiatives. Be recognized as a leader with extraordinary influence and impact, renowned for igniting meaningful change.

Express and ignite change.

The Illumifier Program For Executive Leaders

Applied directly to your leadership opportunities in real time, with no added burden of time or effort.


I l lumify Diagnostic

The I l lumify Method

Customized Learning

I l lumify Game Changer Cards

Coaching & Counsel

Express and ignite change.


Who is the ideal candidate for The Illumifier program?

Does "expressing leadership" mean content or delivery?

How long does it take to complete the Illumifier Program? It's designed for those with many demands on their time so its duration depends entirely on the executive leader. Generally, it's takes a year because of executives' schedules but it can be completed within 6 months with bi- monthly sessions. For our part, the program ends when our Illumify Diagnostic confirms quantitatively that they now excel at expressing leadership.

Both. This is not presentation skills. It focuses instead on what the leader says and how by employing essential leadership constructs, principles and practices. However, if our Diagnostic reveals there are delivery issues impeding the leader's ability to be heard, we coach until they're resolved.

Any executive leader whose role requires them to challenge the status quo and ignite change. We work with CEOs, Presidents, and other C-suite executives, as well as SVPs and VPs. How does this differ from other executive coaching programs? Every element of this program is founded on our unique, evidence-based, and internationally-award-winning body of knowledge on expressing leadership. You won't find it anywhere else. We have, however, priced it similar to other executive coaching programs.

Can you work with an entire leadership team?

Absolutely. We either deliver the program to individual executive team members one-on-one, or we run our Diagnostic on the members individually while imparting the learning to the entire team as a group.

Do you work virtually, or in person?

Both. We're based in Toronto, and work virtually with executive leaders across the globe.

The I l lumifier Program had a profound impact on me both personal ly and professional ly. It enabled me to real ize what matters most to me, and to have the means to real ize it. I wholeheartedly recommend the exper ience to leaders who are seeking to make a meaningful impact in the wor ld. It ’s a leadership game changer. . . a truly outstanding exper ience!

Lynn Roger [as] Chief Transformation Officer BMO Financial Group

Express and ignite change

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