How To Play The Illumify Game Changer

Fully realize what matters to you through The Illumify Game Changer A profound experience in which we guide you with care and compassion as you answer the powerful Illumify questions that elicit your insights and understanding on what truly matters to you, and enable you to realize it.

First you


Surface the profound insights that clarify for you what matters most. See whatever that is in its full dimension so you know with absolute certainty that it is distinctly aligned with you and your purpose, and well worth your effort to achieve. If you already sense, or know, what is meaningful to you, Illuminate will enable you to see it from different perspectives with pure, unrefracted clarity of vision. The clarity that emerges from Illuminate lights your path going forward so brilliantly that you can step forward with purposeful precision, knowing that each step you take is perfectly aligned with who you are.

Then you


Having illuminated what is most meaningful to you, it's now about embodying it and integrating it into your life. Knowing with absolute certainty what matters most to you on one level is like coming home, as its familiarity feels so true. On another level, however, it's transformative. However you've been until now and whatever you've done is going to be amplified. If what you've discovered in Illuminate is aligned with your life so far, it will get even bigger. And if it isn't, you'll feel the magnitude of being aligned for the very first time. Because it is so meaningful to you, words may seem too small to express it to yourself or others. Amplify enables you to convey what it is, and why it matters, clearly and compellingly.

And then you


Now that you know what is most meaningful to you and how to express it, next comes the critical stage that enables you to think and act in alignment with it. If what you say and/or what you do is not aligned with what you now know is most meaningful to you, you will not be able to attain it. And if you require others to help you achieve it, it's essential that all of you act as one, so that everyone in the collective thinks and acts consistently and congruently. Unify identifies precisely which thoughts and actions to evoke in order to fully realize what matters to you. You now emerge from the Illumify Game Changer ready and able to reach new heights.

My exper ience in The I l lumify Game Changer was quite profound. This isn’ t about learning a few nifty techniques and applying someone else’s wisdom to your situation. The I l lumify Game Changer helped to shine a l ight on the gifts and unique perspectives that were al ready within me, but that I couldn’ t quite perceive or articulate before clear ly. I now feel more clear in my purpose as wel l as my value proposition to my cl ients. As a result, my business continues to expand and be informed by the roadmaps created through the I l lumify process. If you’ re ready to rethink, real ign, and reinvigorate your l ife in any way, I highly recommend this program!

Carolyn Ellis Founder, Brilliance Mastery Author, Lead Conversations That Count

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